Free delivery in Mladá Boleslav for 1x Ø18" pizza or 2x Ø12" pizzas.

Outskirts for orders over 250,-

Further places, please call us.

Orders will be accepted max. 45 min. before the end of open hours !!!


SPECIAL OFFER: For the order over 500,- you get a bottle of sparkling wine for FREE!

For orders and information please call  734 310 910


  • To settle you order as quick as possible please tell us the number of the pizza you have chosen from the offer.
  • Give us the exact address where you want the order to be delivered (first name, surname, street, house number or the name of the company and telephone number).
  • Delivery out of our coverage is possible to arrange depending on the amount of the order and busynnes of the premises.
  • We only deliver whole pizzas and canned or plastic bottled drinks.



Enjoy your pizza !!!